October 2020

Unique Habanos jars for Russia. The official Habanos distributor for Russia, Top Cigars, and Cigar Cult join forces for this new Art Nouveau series. A series of humidor jars with rare and vintage Habanos cigars. The inspiration for the jars is modern Russian and Soviet art. Art from the 20th Century.

The first jar is launched at the international cigar festival Moscow Aficionados Cigar Festival 2020. They are Gold plated hand made fience jars. Hand made by the masters of the famous porcelain production center of Gzhel. Gzhel is located just 50 kilometers from Moscow.

Ministry of Cigars - Unique Habanos jars for Russia

Limited availability

The total production of the first edition jars is 80 pieces. Each jar comes with Vegas Robaina Clasicos cigars. The Vegas Robaina Clasicos were last made in 2012. But the cigars in these unique Habanos jars for Russia are from 2007. So they are true vintage cigars.

This jar is the first in a series. Upcoming jars draw inspiration from artists as Kazimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, and Vladimir Tadlin. Other sources of inspiration are Marc Chagall and Alexander Deineka. Top Cigars reserved cigars from Bolivar, Quai d’ Orsay, San Cristobal de la Habana, and Ramon Allones for the upcoming releases.

Ministry of Cigars - Unique Habanos jars for Russia


Top Cigars isn’t the only Habanos distributor creating humidor jars with vintage cigars. The Spanish distributor Tabacalera releases two jars each year. The collecion vintage and the Sevilla series. Pacific Cigar Company is releasing a jar to commemorate the bond between Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and Cuba.

The unique Habanos jars for Russia are available through Russian La Casa del Habano stores and Habanos Specialists.,It is unclear if they ship abroad. Cult Cigar released a video on YouTube about these jars.

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  1. Cuban Cigar jars are nice, I got some in 2006 in a cigar shop in Havana, cuba for $500 each. I personally wouldn’t trust getting them online. If you google “AliExpress cohiba jar “ you’ll find replicas this is why I have trust issues.

    1. That’s a good price, you were lucky

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