Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Undercrown Sungrown Flying Pigs soon in The Netherlands. Royal Agio, the distributor for Drew Estate, has confirmed that the Undercrown Sun Grown Flying Pig will be released in The Netherlands next month. The Undercrown Sungrown is already available in a few other sizes, the Flying Pig will be a new offering in the lowlands.

Flying Pigs

The Flying Pig is an old cigar size. It measures almost 4 inches in length, with a ring of 60 but it’s perfecto shaped. With a pigtail of course. The inspiration for this unique vitola came from an old photograph of a cigar salesman’s selection catalog from the late 1800s. Since the first release of the Liga Privada Flying Pig in 2009, several other companies have copied the vitola. Drew Estate also made a bigger version, called Feral Flying Pig.

It is not the first Flying Pig that will be released in the Western European country. The Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig was the first one to be released in The Netherlands. And the Undercrown Flying Pig was a Netherlands exclusive for the first release in 2012. Only two years later, the cigar was released in the United States. About 200 boxes were made and sold of the original release Undercrown Flying Pig for The Netherlands.

In the years after, Drew Estate changed distributor. They left Longfiller Company and moved to Royal Agio cigars in an amicable separation. And Royal Agio has introduced several Drew Estate lines since. Just last month, they re-introduced the Larutan brand to the market. Royal Agio and Drew Estate have released several Undercrown Flying Pigs in The Netherlands as well. Those include the Undercrown Shade Flying Pig and the Undercrown Maduro Flying Pig.

Ministry of Cigars Undercrown Sungrown Flying Pigs Netherlands

Undercrown series

The Undercrown series was born in 2009 but only released in 2011. Drew Estate asked the rollers to limit the consumption of the Liga Privada, as it interfered with the export. The rollers responded by creating a blend that used some of the rare tobaccos, but not all. Little did they know that this turned out to be one of Drew Estate’s most popular brands. And that it would spawn to two more Undercrown lines.

In 2015, the first Undercrown spin-off was released. A new blend, with a Connecticut Shade wrapper from Ecuador. And that wrapper is the reason why the line is called Undercrown Shade. The same rollers that created the Undercrown blend were involved in creating the Undercrown Shade but under the guidance of Drew Estate master blender Willy Herrera.

Two years later, in 2017, the latest Undercrown blend was released. The Undercrown Sungrown. This blend has some rare, very aged, tobacco from the Nicaraguan Nueva Segovia region in northern Nicaragua. The binder is a stalk cut and cured sun grown Habano from the Connecticut River Valley. The wrapper is a sun grown Sumatra from Ecuador.

The Undercrown Sungrown comes in seven different sizes. A belicoso, corona, corona doble, flying pig, gordito, gran toro, and a robusto are made. Only the 5×54 Robusto and the 6×52 Gran Toro are currently available in The Netherlands. Yet next month, the Flying Pig will be added to the list. The fixed price is set at €9,50

Ministry of Cigars Undercrown Flying Pigs

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