September 2018

Umnum to stir up European markets with a Nicaraguan and a Honduran blend. The Spanish tobacco distributor Gesinta International Tobacco Company is taking the European market by storm with its Condega brand.

They started to distribute internationally. For that, they team up with local partners. The Condega cigars are flying off the shelve. That has to do with the high price-quality ratio. Condega cigars have fair prices and are good cigars. And that’s their motto, Gesinta has its roots in mass marketing. They use that mentality in their approach to the premium cigar business with their brands.


Now they release another bomb, the Umnum line. This line consists of two blends. One made in Honduras. The other one hails from Nicaragua. The cigars are all tripa larga, real long-fillers. And that for insane prices that are unheard of. Of course, there are budget cigars on the market in Europe, but cigars in the price range of the Umnum are never longfillers. Those are always medium fillers aka Cuban sandwich cigars. So these cigars will stir up some conversation. 

Company spokesman and brand manager David González Haya says “we rather sell a lot for a small margin, than a small number of cigars for a high margin”.

The blends

Umnum Honduras is a full-bodied cigar with notes of wood, leather, and spicy herbs. The wrapper is Sun Grown in Honduras. A San Andres binder is next. The filler comes from Jamastran (Honduras), Esteli, and Jalapa (Nicaragua). The production takes place in an undisclosed factory in Honduras

Umnum Nicaragua comes from Nicaragua. From Tabacera Valle de Jalapa. The wrapper is Nicaraguan Sun Grown Colorado. The binder comes from South East Asia, from Indonesia. The filler is from Jamastran (Honduras), Jalapa, and Esteli (Nicaragua). The flavor profile is earthy, leathery with coffee and nuts. The strength is medium-bodied.

Both lines come in a Jumbo (4½x60), Cañonazo (5¼x52), and a Bond (4½x44). The prices are estimated below €3 in most European markets.

Ministry of Cigars - Umnum to stir up European markets

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  1. […] Where The Netherlands only get the Umnum Nicaragua, the Swiss cigar aficionado can try both the Umnum Nicaragua and the Umnum Honduras, both will be available on the market soon, both lines in three vitolas. You can find more on the Umnum on the article we published a few days ago here. […]

  2. […] we wrote a piece on the Umnum cigars, that are bound to stir up a storm all around Europe, today we heard that the Umnum Nicaragua line […]

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