Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Steve Saka is a cigar guru. But he’s not born into cigars as many other cigar makers. He was a blogger before it was called blogging, and only 18 years ago he made his way in the industry as a business consultant for JR Cigars.

A few years later he joined Drew Estate and was responsible for the Liga Privada. That cigar changed how the public looked at Drew Estate and changed the company from an infused cigar company into the powerhouse that they are today. And ever since he ventured out on his own, he’s created cigars that sell like hotcakes. Sobremesa, Muestra de Saka, Todos las Dias, name it and cigar aficionados from all over the world will praise them.

Saka loves to fish, and his favorite lake is lake Umbagog. Located on the border of New Hampshire and Maine, the name means ‘shallow water’. Saka decided to use the name for his outdoor cigar, a cigar that is robust and durable. It’s not the prettiest cigar out there, but for Saka it’s all about the flavour.

The cigars are made in Esteli, at the NACSA factory. And now they are coming to The Netherlands. Saka’s distributor in The Netherlands, Sasja van Horssen, announced he will receive two vitolas for the Cigaragua shop in Amsterdam. For now, the cigars will be exclusively sold at Cigaragua

The cigars, with Nicaraguan filler and binder and a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The cigars are packed in bundles of ten. Only two of the original six sizes will make it to The Netherands, are packed in bundles of ten and come in the sizes Corona Gorda 6×48 for €90 a bundle and  Toro Toro 6×52 for €95 a bundle.

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