July 2019

Two Drew Estate events in England. After the Robert Graham 1874 event in Scotland, the Drew Estate team does more events. In Liverpool and in Chester, both at Turmeaus.

Ministry of Cigars Two Drew Estate events in England
Jonathan Drew in action

Jonathan Drew & Ricardo Ortiz

The event in Liverpool on Tuesday 16th of July is already sold out according to a Drew Estate spokesperson. But if you have a ticket, you’ll get the chance to meet Jonathan Drew. And you will get two pre-release Drew Estate Orchant Seleccion cigars. To pair with a Stalla Dhu Scotch whisky masterclass. That masterclass includes drams of C.Gaars Malt Orchant Selection, Stalla Dhu Saorsa Single Cask, and Stalla Dhu Ardmore Cask Strength. 

On Wednesday, July 17th, the new face of Drew Estate, Ricardo Ortiz, will be visiting Termeaus Chester for an event. Details about the event are missing on the C. Gars LTD website. But tickets are for sale for 20 British Pounds.

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