Date: May 2024
Author: Inspector X

Some Cuban cigar releases quietly enter the market, while others are celebrated with grandeur. The Trinidad Cabildos Edición Limitada 2024 firmly falls into the latter category, set to make its debut amidst a lavish black-tie dinner at the esteemed Victoria & Albert Museum in London on June 22.

This unveiling of the Trinidad Cabildos is just a part of a larger spectacle. The entire event, commencing on June 20, marks the inaugural Habanos World Days held in person. Initially conceived as a virtual replacement for the Habanos Festival during the pandemic, this iteration promises a vibrant celebration.

London’s Habanos World Days will pay homage to the 55th Anniversary of the Trinidad brand, echoing the festivities of the Habanos Festival earlier this year. What sets this event apart is the exclusive opportunity for guests to sample the new Trinidad Cabildos, a cigar not distributed during the Festival. Measuring 6 3/8 inches in length with a 46 ring gauge, it embodies the pinnacle of Cuban craftsmanship.

The festivities kick off with a glamorous cocktail soiree on the first night. Day two features a seminar on Trinidad, showcasing its most iconic launches, alongside a simultaneous tasting event at 55 locations across the United Kingdom. The day culminates in the highly anticipated Trinidad Perfect Pairing, a meticulously curated combination of drink and cuisine chosen through a competitive process in April.

Tickets for each evening of Habanos World Days are available individually. The cocktail reception on Thursday, June 20, is priced at £458.33 (approximately $575) per person, while Friday’s seminar and exhibition cost £291.67 (roughly $365). The grand finale, a prestigious black-tie gala, commands £1,041.67 per ticket, translating to approximately $1,300.

The entire affair is orchestrated by Habanos S.A. in collaboration with Hunters & Frankau, the official distributor of Habanos in the United Kingdom. For those eager to partake in this opulent affair, tickets are available for purchase online.

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