Date: October 2023
Author: Inspector X

After the coveted “Cigar Trophy of the Best Accessory” awarded to the brand during Intertabac 2023, a new adventure is about to happen to Totem… on French soil.

Distribution of Totem has been entrusted to MSC, who will proudly showcase the colourful or classic leather cigar cases, distinctive ashtrays and discreet cigar punches in its booth at Losange Expo (Paris) on 21 & 22 October.

MSC will also present ‘Keep’, the new line of humidors using the designs that have been so beautifully showcased on the ashtrays, featuring mythological or legendary creatures from the Native American culture, such as the Thunderbird, Feathered Serpent or Healing Frog.

With the highest quality in the details and varnishing, an inside in Okume and the Boveda humidifying system held inside the lid, the three models are offered in the sharp and luminous tones of red, yellow and blue, and come in two sizes.

Eric Piras, Totem’s founder, has always had a fascination for Native Americans, and Totem is a tribute to their culture. “Native Americans were the first to use tobacco to communicate with the gods and establish peace between tribes” says Eric. “I think they deserve our admiration and recognition.”

Maya Selva, founder of MSC, adds “I believe Totem can really carve a place on the French market; the designs are absolutely exceptional, and the brand’s aim to honour the Native Americans stands very strong with my personal beliefs.”

The collaboration between Piras and Selva is not surprising. Eric Piras is also the founder of Cigraal, a Hong Kong based cigar distributor and the Asian agent for all of Maya Selva’s cigars in the Pacific region. Now Maya Selva, who has a strong base in France, returns the service by distributing Totem in France. Maybe Confidenciaal, the private label cigar of Piras’s Cigraal, will follow soon?

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