September 2020

Toscano adds Piccolo in two versions. The new 4¾ inch long cigar comes in two versions. In the Toscano Fermentato and Toscano Rustica blends. There is no fixed ring gauge due to the shape of the cigar. The Toscano cigars are free rolls with Italian tobacco. 

For the Fermentato, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano gave the wrapper an extra fermentation. The reason is to ensure the balance in the cigar. The Rustico is a pocket-sized volcano as the company describes this small cigar with the rustic character. The tobacco comes from the Tuscany region of Italy.

Ministry of Cigars - Toscano adds Piccolo in two versions

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano

The Toscano cigar brand is around for more than 200 years. Since 1818 to be precise. A bale of Kentucky tobacco was left out in the pouring rain. In the summer heat, the tobacco started fermenting. Instead of throwing the tobacco away, Grand Duke Ferdinand III ordered to turn it into cigars. Those cigars are popular even to this day.

The tobacco that Manifatrure Sigaro Toscano uses for the iconic Toscano cigars is grown in Italy. It’s a Kentucky variety, grown by independent farmers. They sell the tobacco to the Receiving Centre of Foiano Della Chiana (AR). That’s where the workers grade the tobacco, sort it into wrapper and filler. It’s also where the tobacco gets its fermentation and aging. When the tobacco is ready, it’s sent to the two Manifatture Sigaro Toscano factories.

Ministry of Cigars - Clint Eastwood Toscano

Two factories

Even though the cigar production in 1818 started in Florence, the production no longer takes place in the city. In 1853, a cigar factory emerged in Lucca. In a former convent for Dominican nuns. Fast forward to 2004. That’s when the factory moved to a larger, modern building on the outskirts of the city.

Since 1912, the factory in Cava d’Tirreni is an important facility when it comes to producing Toscano cigars. For more than 100 years, Italian tobacco turns into Italian cigars there. Different blends, different sizes and since recently including Toscano Fermentato Piccolo and Toscano Rustica Piccolo

Ministry of Cigars - Toscano adds Piccolo in two versions

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