Date: October 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Torcedor in Rotterdam. Yesterday we published an event with Dominican master torcedor Cristian Aybar Galvan in Eygelshoven. And now we hear about another event with the well-known roller from The Dominican Republic. Aybar Galvan is working for General Cigars Dominicana. That’s the factory of Scandinavian Tobacco Group in the Dominican Republic. That’s where Macanudo and a lot of other brands are produced. Brands such as the Dominican Cohiba, some CAO, Don Tomas, and more. Unlike the event in Eygelshoven, this is a daytime event. Aybar Galvan arrives at noon and will show his skills till 6 pm. The location is Van Dalen Cigars in Rotterdam. Free admission, walk-in any time you like.

Ministry of Cigars - Torcedor in Rotterdam

Van Dalen Cigars

The parents of Ed and Tom Van Dalen started a tobacconist in the 1940s. In Rotterdam. And when they passed away, their sons Ed and Tom took over. Van Dalen Cigars is one of the first Dutch tobacco stores to have a walk-in humidor. Ed and Tom install it in the 1980s. But when both reached retirement age they realize they have a problem. No children to take over the family business.

In comes Sasja Van Horssen, a third-generation tobacconist. His grandfather started growing and selling roll-your-own tobacco in the early days of the Second World War. The company J. Van Horssen grows into a wholesaler of cigarettes, roll-your-own, and dry-cured short filler cigars. In the 1990s, the third generation starts the import and distribution of premium handmade longfillers. Brothers Sasja and Ilja are at the forefront. Ilja then sells his shares to Sasja to start the Cuesta Rey cigar shop in The Hague. He also acquires G. De Graaff cigars. After Ilja’s early demise at age 36, his widow Yvonne turns the Cuesta Rey Cigar Shop into the first La Casa del Habano in The Netherlands.


For years, Van Horssen owns the tobacco shop in Den Bosch. The shop operated under different names. But when he has the opportunity to acquire Van Dalen Cigars, he doesn’t hesitate. He buys the shop from Ed and Tom van Dalen. The brothers agree to work for the shop for a few more years. The shop in Den Bosch is renamed Van Dalen as well. The Van Dalen legacy continues and is most likely to grow further.

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