Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Three new brands for Germany. The German distributor PassionPuro has signed three new brands to their portfolio. Those are Espinosa Cigars, MBombay, and Blackbird Cigars. To make space for the new brands, PassionPuro parted ways with Blanco Cigars, Kafie Cigars, and Hiram & Solomon.

Espinosa Cigars

Tabacalera La Zona is the factory of Espinosa Cigars. Erik Espinosa started out as a delivery man, delivering packages to cigar shops. On one of those deliveries, he lit up a cigar and fell in love. He started working in a cigar shop. Then he became a sales representative for Drew Estate. After that, he started his own brand with Eddie Ortega, EO Brands. Some of the cigars made for EO brands were amongst the highest praised cigars back in the day. The partnership dissolved. Espinosa started his own factory, Tabacalera La Zona. And now he’s not only making some very popular boutique cigars, but he’s also producing cigars for others such as Cornelius & Anthony.

Ministry of Cigars Three new brands for Germany


The Indian themed MBombay is the brand from Bombay Tobak. The company is owned by Mel Shaw. Shaw is an IT professional turned cigar retailer. Shah went to Costa Rica to create a private blend. He did this for his Fame Wine & Cigar Lounge in Palm Springs in California. With MBombay he tries to emulate the fabled cigar culture of Cuba. Tobaccos are carefully selected, processed and aged. Then very experienced master rollers create the cigars. The cigars became so popular that Shah made them available for others as well. And with success, his cigars are rated highly amongst cigar smokers. International distribution is slowly growing for the company. Earlier this year, New Zealand was added to the list of countries where MBombay is available. Now Germany is on that list too.

Ministry of Cigars MBombay
an Mbombay add created by Nuzli Hakiim

Blackbird Cigars

Blackbird is a brand new cigar brand. The cigars were first seen at the IPCPR show. All the lines from Blackbird Cigars are named after birds. There is not a lot of information known about the cigars, except for the blends. Where the cigars are made is a big question mark for us.

Ministry of Cigars Three new brands for Germany

Statement Kafie Cigars

This year Tabacalera Kafie (Kafie 1901 Brands) has decided to part ways with their German distributor Pasion Puro.  Dr. Kafie states, it was a pleasure to work with Hung Ma of Pasion Puro.  I have great respect for the Pasion Puro team, but it is in our best interest to work with a distributor that will be more dedicated to our brands.  We will be visiting Inter Tabac this year in hopes to find a new home for brands in Germany as well as other parts of the world. 
Hung Ma and his team can always count on the love and friendship from all of us.  We are truly grateful for all he has done for our industry, for boutiques, and for our brands. 

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