Date: July 2023
Author: Usman Dawood

Cigar enthusiasts worldwide have reason to rejoice as the long-awaited return of a classic favorite is finally here. The Bolivar New Gold Medal, presented during the esteemed Festival del Habano 2023 in Cuba, is set to make its triumphant debut. This new iteration of the famed Bolivar Gold Medal promises to captivate aficionados with its distinctive blend and luxurious appeal.

The original Bolivar Gold Medal, once a beloved regular release, had been discontinued in 2011, leaving enthusiasts with fond memories but longing for its return. Fortunately, Habanos S.A., the renowned Cuban cigar conglomerate, has answered their prayers with the introduction of the Bolivar New Gold Medal. This exclusive release will be available solely at La Casa del Habano (LCDH) stores, making it a true treasure for enthusiasts seeking unique and high-quality cigars.

One of the most striking features of the Bolivar New Gold Medal is its size, known as “Partag├ís 15,” measuring 6 1/2 inches (165mm) in length and boasting a ring gauge of 48. Although the ring gauge has increased from its predecessor’s 42, the length remains unchanged, preserving the essence of the original Gold Medal cigar.

Retaining the essence of its predecessor, the Bolivar New Gold Medal is lavishly wrapped in golden foil, an exquisite touch that starts from the top of the cigar and is adorned by the iconic Bolivar band at the bottom. Just below the Bolivar band, a distinct red LCDH band proudly announces its exclusivity. The elegant presentation and attention to detail elevate this cigar to a true work of art.

To delight aficionados even further, the Bolivar New Gold Medal will be offered in elegant 10-count packs. This convenient packaging allows enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite cigars with ease and share the experience with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

The anticipation surrounding the release of the Bolivar New Gold Medal is palpable, with cigar enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its arrival at Swiss Casa del Habano on the 8th of August 2023. The Cuban cigar conglomerate has yet to reveal the pricing, adding to the air of excitement surrounding this long-awaited revival.

Notably, this will be the first official production of the Gold Medal cigar since its discontinuation in 2011. At one point, the Gold Medal was a regular release before being phased out in the early 1990s. Habanos S.A. reintroduced it in the mid-2000s, offering it as an exclusive cigar for LCDH stores, further cementing its coveted status among cigar connoisseurs.

La Casa del Habano franchises, of which there are currently 157 worldwide, play a significant role in bringing the Bolivar New Gold Medal to enthusiasts. These independently-owned but licensed franchises must meet stringent qualifications, ensuring that they provide an unparalleled experience for cigar lovers. LCDHs have the privilege of accessing exclusive LCDH-only products, with the Bolivar New Gold Medal being a prime example of such exclusivity.

As the release date draws near, enthusiasts and collectors alike are gearing up to add the Bolivar New Gold Medal to their collections and savor the unparalleled pleasure it promises to deliver. The combination of its distinguished heritage, exquisite presentation, and exceptional flavor profile make the Bolivar New Gold Medal a cigar aficionado’s dream come true. So mark your calendars and prepare your humidors, as the Bolivar New Gold Medal is on the verge of becoming available, and this is an opportunity that no cigar enthusiast would want to miss.

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