Date: February 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Two cigar makers working together is something that has been done often and is still being done. For example, the Balmoral Dueto, but also the Viaje Collaborations, Drew Estate and Robert Caldwell with the all out kings. In the pasts, Drew Estate and Illusione worked together on the Nosotros, and the most interesting project in our eyes was the Face-Off between Litto Gomez (La Flor Dominicana) and Christian Eiroa (back then from Camacho).

You can actually see crossovers between independent boutique cigar manufacturers working with the large companies. Altadis worked with Tatuaje’s Pete Johnson on Henry Clay and with A.J. Fernandez on a Montecristo. And Fernandez worked with General Cigars on a Ramon Allones collaboration.

Three cigar makers working together, now that’s something new. The T is that special. Robert Caldwell from Caldwell Cigars, Matt Booth (formerly Room 101) and A.J. Fernandez came together for this brand. Only 100.000 of these Nicaraguan puros are made, in five different vitolas.

And now they come to The Netherlands, as we announced a few months ago. All five vitolas, lonsdale (6 1/2 x44 €12,50), short Churchill (5 1/2 x48 € 14,00), toro (6×52 €13,50), robusto (5×52 €13,00) and toro grande (6 1/2 x56 €14,00) will be available at Cigaragua. The robusto and toro grade will also be available at the Longfiller Company Premium Reseller retailers.


2 thoughts on “The T now available in The Netherlands

  1. I thought the importer hates Robert

    1. but the importer loves A.J.. Caldwell Cigars does have another distributor for his own lines, that’s true.

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