Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

The stupidity of cigar legislation. We get it, cigarettes are bad. And we agree with that. Cigarettes are tobacco, cigars are tobacco, so cigars must be bad, right? Well, no! But most politicians and the general public are too lazy, or dumb, to inform themselves. And the anti-smoke lobby, fueled by the pharmaceutical industry, uses that in their advantage. And they are pushing down on tobacco, with cigars as collateral damage.

Cigarettes are tobacco, but that’s where the similarities stop. The tobacco is shredded, then washed in a chemical bath. That’s done to help combustion, to alter flavor so every single cigarette tastes the same, and for more dark reasons. Cigarettes contain over 600 ingredients and release 7000 chemicals in the air when lit. The problem is not nicotine, its the combination of all those ingredients. And the way the nicotine is delivered into your body, by the lungs. That makes cigarettes addictive, and unhealthy.

Now premium cigars, that’s pure tobacco, some natural glue and that’s it. No chemical washes, no altered flavors. The nicotine delivery is completely different, through saliva instead of the lungs. And because of all these reasons, cigars are not addictive. Healthy? Still not. But harmful? That depends on how much you smoke

Scientific studies

The American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) did a study. A systematic review of the risk of cigar smoking. The FDA reviewed 22 different studies to draw their conclusion. And the result? The risk is nearly nil for 1 to 2 cigars a day. What the studies show is that there is a slightly elevated risk of mouth and throat cancer. But those cancers are relatively rare. For the more common lung cancer, the elevated risk is almost zero.

Ministry of Cigars The stupidity of cigar legislation

A few years ago, in another study, the same results were achieved. And in that study, we believe by the American Cancer Society but we are not sure, it showed something else. Moderate cigar smokers had a lower chance of heart failure. Why? Because a cigar forces you to slow down, sit, and relax. It drops your blood pressure, it lowers your heart rate. And it reduces stress. And stress, that’s the real killer. Stress can cause heart disease, mental illnesses such as depression, obesity and makes the body vulnerable to other illnesses.

So please legislators, get informed before making decisions. Don’t compare cigars with cigarettes. Exempt premium cigars from overly protective legislation. Cigar smokers are not junkies. Cigar smokers are adults who make conscious decisions to enjoy a premium product. We are not addicted, we just enjoy one of the finer things in life. And we don’t harm anybody.

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