Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

The second Deutschen cigarrentag is coming. Germany has a long history of tobacco. And the epicenter of the German tobacco industry is, and has always been the city of Bünde, Westfalen. Once, one out of every two cigars smoked in Germany came from one of the 240 different factories in the small town, just north of Bielefeld.

Only three cigar producers are remaining in Bunde, Schuster Cigars, Arnold Andre and Woermann Cigars. In 2017, the three companies decided to host the Deutschen Cigarrentag (German cigar day). They did that to show the German tobacco history and the capital of German cigars.

Fun fact(and one of the many facts you’ll learn during this day): all German cigars were hand-made until 1954. Adolf Hitler banned the use of machines. His motive was probably to make it as hard as possible for the tobacco producers since he was one of the first political leaders who tried to ban smoking. That ban on machines was lifted in 1954. Up until then, all German cigars were hand-made.

The program

Ministry of Cigars The second Deutschen cigarrentag

During the day, it is possible to taste cigars and pair them with liquor and chocolate. Seminars will be held, with knowledgeable panels. A visit to the local cigar museum is scheduled too. The day ends with a cigar and beer tasting, how much more German can it get?

The first Deutschen Cigarrentag in 2017 was so successful that the three companies decided to host another one. On August 31st, 2019 it’s time for the second version. The aim is to get around 150 cigar aficionados to come to Bünde and enjoy the history of the city, the manufacturers and the program that the organization has set together.

Tickets are available via de Deutschen Cigarrentag website for €129 per ticket. But if you order before April 30th, you will get a €10 discount.

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