July 2023

In the world of premium cigar accessories, one brand has been making waves with its unique designs and commitment to excellence. Les Fines Lames, founded in 2015 by Pierre Jourdan and Pablo Rodet, has quickly become known for its innovative line of cigar accessories that blend contemporary design, modularity, and ease of maintenance. From the iconic Le Petit cigar knife to the stylish Punch Bracelet, Les Fines Lames has captured the attention of cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

The success of Les Fines Lames can be attributed to its founders’ dedication and out-of-the-box thinking. However, Jourdan and Rodet realized that to sustain the rapid growth of their company, a closer partnership with an industrial investor would be beneficial. Enter the Vandermarliere Family of Cigars, led by Frederik Vandermarliere of VCF Cigars. Rumors have been circulating that the Vandermarliere family has purchased 50% of Les Fines Lames, although this has yet to be confirmed. Regardless, Vandermarliere is undoubtedly becoming an investor in the brand, providing funding to support its business operations and product development.

The partnership between Les Fines Lames and the Vandermarliere Family is not only a financial one but also a strategic collaboration. Vandermarliere acknowledges the challenges that start-ups like Les Fines Lames face, particularly in finding the right partners to sustain growth. As a family business with nearly a century of experience, VCF Cigars sees it as their responsibility to guide young entrepreneurs in the industry and help them reach new heights. This partnership promises to bring fresh air to the traditional cigar industry and foster innovation.

While Pierre Jourdan and Pablo Rodet will remain co-owners and continue to run Les Fines Lames, they will now have the support and expertise of the Vandermarliere family. This collaboration opens up exciting opportunities for the brand, including a new agreement with Oliva Cigar Co. As of September 1, Oliva Cigar Co. will sell and distribute Les Fines Lames products in the United States. This partnership will enable Oliva’s sales representatives to offer the premium cigar accessories to their accounts throughout the country.

The CEO of Oliva Cigar Co., Cory Bappert, expresses enthusiasm for this new addition to their portfolio. Recognizing Les Fines Lames as a highly recognized and appreciated brand among American consumers, Bappert highlights their shared commitment to excellent customer service. Both companies aim to provide the best experience for cigar enthusiasts, and joint events are expected to generate synergies that will further enhance their offerings.

It’s worth noting that Les Fines Lames will not be making any modifications to its current distribution agreements in the rest of the world. This ensures that the brand’s presence and reputation will continue to thrive globally, while the new partnership strengthens its position in the United States.

The success story of Les Fines Lames is set to reach new heights with the support of the Vandermarliere Family and the partnership with Oliva Cigar Co. This collaboration brings together innovation, expertise, and a shared passion for delivering outstanding products and customer experiences. Cigar enthusiasts can look forward to seeing the continued evolution of Les Fines Lames and the exciting developments that lie ahead for this dynamic brand of premium cigar accessories.

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