Date: June 2024
Author: Inspector X

Habanos, S.A. boasts an extensive portfolio that includes some of the oldest brands on the market. Its history and tradition captivate enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, many of whom choose to keep Habanos launched decades ago due to their unique properties that make them ideal for ageing.

Markets such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Hong Kong have a deep-rooted tradition of ageing Habanos. This process enhances the product’s biochemical and organoleptic characteristics, creating a unique smoking experience without altering its original traits. Experts attest that Vintage Habanos offer a smoother, more delightful taste, with delicate and sweet notes complemented by woody undertones.

The ageing of Vintage Habanos is distinct from the ageing of tobacco leaves or their harvest date. Vintage Habanos are already rolled cigars stored in their original wooden boxes, sealed, and marked with the month and year of manufacture. These Habanos are left to age for years in optimal conservation conditions, a process overseen by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Appellations of Origin of Habanos (P.A.O.), which is unique in the premium tobacco world.

Habanos, S.A., under the supervision of the Regulatory Council, considers five years the minimum time needed for the benefits of ageing to become appreciable. The conditions required for ‘Vintage’ categorisation include a temperature of 16ºC to 18ºC, humidity between 65% and 75%, and an atmosphere free of odours, fumes, and any environmental element that may alter the product’s conditions. Additionally, the arrangement of the product during the resting period is crucial; it may be packed in original crates intended for sale, in wooden crates, in bundles, or in contact with cedar sheets or cedar boxes.

Vintage Categories

The Regulatory Council of the Protected Appellation of Origin Habanos defines four Vintage categories based on the years of ageing:
Vintage 5: Habanos aged for more than five years and less than ten years from the date they were rolled and laid to rest.
Vintage 10: Habanos aged for more than ten years and less than fifteen years from the date of rolling and laying at rest.
Vintage 15: Habanos aged for more than fifteen years and less than twenty years from the date of rolling and laying at rest.
Grand Vintage: Habanos aged for more than twenty years from the date of rolling and laying at rest.

The first Vintage Habanos hit the market with the launch of a limited series of humidors in collaboration with the renowned Parisian firm S.T. Dupont on the occasion of Trinidad’s 55th anniversary.

This numbered series of 1,000 copies contains 55 Trinidad Fundadores Vintage 10, available exclusively to the luckiest Habano enthusiasts.
Each Habano is elegantly adorned with the brand’s signature band, a special and unique foot band indicating its vintage category, and an additional foot band designed exclusively for this launch.

The humidors are inspired by the magnificent travel boots that became popular among the upper class in the early 20th century. They draw on S.T. Dupont’s experience and history as a maker of some of the finest pieces of that time. Their modern design, featuring a pattern based on the brand’s distinctive logo, creates a perfect link between tradition and the avant-garde.

Of this series of 1,000 humidors, 55 pieces have been created under the artistic direction of the prestigious designer Charaf Tajer, founder of the fashion brand Casablanca, who imprints his style through an attractive and colourful design with the Trinidad logo as the protagonist.

As a Habanos enthusiast and collector, I have been an avid fan of Trinidad, so it is my dream to partner with her in collaboration with S.T. Dupont. My passion for Cuba, developed through my travels to the island over the years, has inspired me to create this exclusive collection of 55 humidors to pay homage to one of the most internationally acclaimed Habanos brands,” comments Charaf Tajer.

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