Date: September 2018
Author: Inspector Z

The Netherlands will get Rocky Patel Grand Reserve. This is a new blend from Rocky Patel. The release is less than a week old. The introduction took place at Intertabac where Rocky Patel showed the cigars for the first time. The Rocky Patel Grand Reserve is exclusively available in International markets. The cigars are not available in the United States.

Blends, sizes and prices

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars did not mention anything about the blend. It’s undisclosed. There are three different sizes available. These are a 5½x50 robusto, a 6×52 Toro, and a 6×60 Sixty. The prices are respectively €10, €11, and €12. The Dutch importer for Rocky Patel expects the cigars in his warehouse within a few weeks. Thats when The Netherlands will get Rocky Patel Grand Reserve. As soon as they arrive, retailers all over the country will be supplied.

Ministry of Cigars - The Netherlands will get Rocky Patel Grand Reserve
The brand new Rocky Patel Grand Reserva

Longfiller Company is importing and distributing Rocky Patel Premium Cigars in The Netherlands. The flagship store for Nicaraguan Cigars, Cigaragua, is also part of the company. Just like the several Van Dalen Cigars tobacconists in The Netherlands.

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