Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

The art of pairing wines and cigars. Once again the Nicaraguan cigar brand Condega celebrates the art of pairing with the wines of Spanish winery Bodegas Valduero. That happened on a visit to its facilities in Gumiel del Mercado (Burgos).

The winners of the last Condega’s raffle were invited. They enjoyed a tour through a surprising labyrinth of tunnels. Those are excavated more than 20 meters underground. 4,000 oak barrels and a million bottles of one of the best Spanish wines are stored in those tunnels. Pepe Palacios, CEO of Condega Cigars acted as the tour guide.

Ministry of Cigars - The art of pairing wines and cigars

Bodegas Valduero

Bodegas Valduero offers to store customized wine barrels. Customers include the former queen Doña Sofia, Placido Domingo, Nobel prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, and the Michelin chef Martin Berasategui. Condega Cigars has customized wine barrels stored at the Bodegas too.

The event also included a typical Castilian meal, consisting of soup, suckling lamb and desserts typical of the area. Several different wines from different years were paired with several Condega cigars. The wines included Valduero Crianza 2015, García Viadero 2018, Valduero Reserva 2012, Valduero 1 Cepa 2015, Valduero Reserva Premium 6 years 2010, Finca Azaya Premium 2012 and Valduero Gran Reserva 2009. The cigars paired were the Condega Serie S Momotombo (limited edition), Condega Serie F Robusto, Condega Serie F Mini Titan, and Condega Serie F Arsenio Edición Limitada.

Wine and tobacco share a large number of technical and cultural similarities. Their growing and processing such as fermentation and aging share similarities too. Valduero’s wines are ranked among the best in the world and have received numerous national and international awards. Their pairing with Condega Cigars offers the aficionados the best of both cultures. Condega is the best selling cigar brand in Spain. The brand gained a lot of popularity in the rest of Europe too in the recent years.

Ministry of Cigars - The Art of pairing wines and cigars

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  1. That’s absolutely brilliant, it’s great that’s wine pairing is done for cigars so that we can really experience the best of both world…..

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