Date: July 2023
Author: Inspector Y

In 2008, Tatuaje released the first of the monster series, an annual limited edition for Halloween inspired by famous movie monsters such as Dracula, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky from Child’s Play. And every year, a limited number of the cigars come in boxes shaped like a coffin. Tatuaje has a trademark on that style of packaging.

The small brand BAMF from Ismael Olivan, who is the co-owner of Rodriguez Olivan Cigar Factory in Tamboril. That factory is not well known and mostly produces cigars for Olivan’s own brands such as BAMF (bad ass mother fuckers), ROCF Cigars, Don Olivan Cigars and K-9 cigars. For some odd reasons, most of these are not under one roof, but separate companies.

Recently BAMF announced to release a cigar inspired by Dracula and packed in a coffin shaped cigar box. Pete Johnson reached out to Olivan via a private message on Instagram and asked to solve this matter without immediately getting lawyers involved. Olivan decided to respond in a bad way, with a foul attitude and blast Johnson’s respectful message on social media.

Now it does not matter whose side you are on, but at least you can have the decency to respond in a respectful way instead of the way that Olivan decided to respond. These are fighting words.

This might not be the only fight that BAMF and Olivan are facing. They also make a cigar called Drunken Napoleon while El Septimo has the trademark for the use of Napoleon when it comes to cigars. El Septimo already stopped Casdagli Cigars from using the name, although the difference is that Jeremy Casdagli is a gentleman and responded respectfully to El Septimo’s request and it was solved amicably. Considering the way that Olivan responds to respectful requests, I fear that this won’t be the case here.

Stay tuned to see what’s next!

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