Date: September 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Tatuaje releases The Karloff. Named after Boris Karloff, the British actor who gained fame by playing Frankenstein’s monster in 1931. His name on the credits was just a question mark. That gave him a lot of mystique. Karloff isn’t his real name though. It’s the stage name of William Henry Pratt. The Tatuaje Karloff is an extension of the Tatuaje Moster Series. That was Tatuaje’s annual highly anticipated Halloween release.

Ministry of Cigars - Tatuaje releases to Karloff
Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster

Tatuaje Monster Series

In 2008, Tatuaje started a series that pays tribute to some of the great horror characters in history. Released around Helloween. 13 cigars in a dress box, sold via 13 retailers, with an MSRP of $13 each. The first year, called The Frank, had a release of 666 boxes. 2009 saw The Drac in a limited edition of 1300 boxes. The Face (2010) and Wolfman (2011) came in 666 dress boxes and 1300 plain boxes. The Mummy (2012), JV13 (2013), Jekyll (2014), Hyde (2015), Krueger (2016), Michael (2017), The Bride (2018) all had 666 dress boxes and up to 4500 plain boxes. Last year, Tatuaje released two versions, The Chuck and The Tiff, both in 700 dress boxes and 2190 plain boxes.

There are several other offsprings on the market as well. The Tatuaje Little Monsters with the same blend but in smaller and thinner sizes. Tatuaje Skinny Monsters, all the blends but in a petite lancero format. And the Pudgy monsters, with the ring gauge of the original series but the length of the Little Monsters. 

Tatuaje Karloff

And now Tatuaje releases The Karloff. The Tatuaje Karloff is based on the blend of the Tatuaje Boris. That was the one and only release of the Tatuaje Actor Series. Another series that Pete Johnson was planning, based on the monster series. There is also a Little Monster, which is released twice and exclusively for Corona Cigar Company in Orlando. The Karloff is a tweaked version of that blend, fuller and stronger. All Nicaraguan filler, with a Nicaraguan binder and an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. It measures 6⅝x49 and 4000 dress boxes of 13 are released sometime in October. So far, Tatuaje hasn’t revealed any other upcoming releases for the actor series. 

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