February 2020

Switzerland gets outdoor cigars. Mild, budget-friendly bundle cigars from the Dominican Republic. The cigars are named after specific outdoor activities and come with funny labels. There will be three sizes available.

The 5⅛x50 Robusto is called Waidmannsheil, which translates to ‘good hunting’. According to the newsletter from distributor The Royal Cigars company, this is the perfect cigar for every hunter. This mild cigar from the Dominican Republic is a nice smoking experience that is perfect for hunting or working in the forest.

The 6×50 Toro is called Petri Heil, or good fishing. This is a slightly longer cigar for the passionate angler than for the hunter, because the angler has more time until a fish bites.

The last size is the Ape Hanger Fat Boy. And as a biker, it can be even bigger, so for the bikers, there is a Gordo. Light up a 6×60 Ape Hanger Fat Boy and the ride starts with pleasure.

the blend

The cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. For the filler, tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic are utilized. The binder is also Dominican, a Dominican Olor to be more precise. And the wrapper is a shade-grown Connecticut from Ecuador.

The cigars are available in bundles of 20 cigars except for the Ape Hanger Fat Boy. The Gordo comes in bundles of 10 cigars. A bundle of waidmannsheil has a price of 56 CHF. The Petri Heil will set you back 60 CHF. A bundle of ten Ape Hanger Fat Boy has a price tag of 45 CHF. The cigars are available

Smoking Moses cigar cutter

The Royal Cigar Company also added the Smoking Moses Cigar Cutter to the portfolio. This unique design cutter is a conversation piece at itself.

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