March 2021

Switzerland gets La Galera Habano. About a month ago, the La Galera Connecticut and La Galera Anemoi became available in the Central European country. And now a third line becomes available, La Galera Habano.

La Galera Habano

The Habano blend of La Galera consists of a Habano wrapper from Ecuador. Blender Jochy Blanco chooses Dominican Corojo as a binder. The filler is a mixture of Dominican tobacco, with Piloto Cubano, criollo 98, and Pelo de Oro. Blanco attaches great importance to the quality of the tobacco and the processing of the tobacco.

The La Galera Habano comes in several vitolas. The 5×50 Chaveta comes in at 9 CHF per cigar. The 5½x42 Bonchero is 7.20 CHF. The 6×54 Lector is 10.50 CHF. The 6¼x52 Cortado, a torpedo, is 10.20 CHF. A 6¼x60 Gordo with the name Pilon is 12 CHF. The 7×47 Churchill is 11.50 CHF and the 7¼x39 Perillas is 9.50 CHF Some boxes contain 21 cigars, others contain 20 cigars.

Half Corona

In 2012 Habanos released the H. Upmann Half Corona in beautiful metal tins of 5 cigars. And that packaging was an instant hit. Many other manufacturers copy the concept. La Galera is one of those brands that has a 3½x46 inch in beautiful metal tins. And the Half Corona vitola comes to Switzerland in the La Galera Connecticut and Habano blend. A tin has a price of 27 CHF.

La Galera comes from Tabacalera La Palma. That factory has a long history of almost a century, although the registration of the brand name is from 1936. Yet the Blanco family founded Tabacalera La Palma in 1925. And it is still a family business, with Jochy Blanco at the helm. 


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