May 2020

Sweet Grass Gringo finally released. The new barberpole with an Ecuador shade-grown Connecticut and Nicaraguan Candela wrapper from Stogie Road Cigars was originally slated for March. But the worldwide pandemic caused by the covid-19 virus pushed the release back by two months. The cigars have landed in the warehouse and are being distributed to retailers in the United States and interested distributors worldwide.


Stogie Road Cigars owner Kerr Viajante and Dr. Gaby Kafie from Kafie Cigars created this blend. It is not the first barberpole with a Candela wrapper on the market. Alec Bradley releases a limited edition Filthy Hooligan annually, and there is an Asylum 13 Ogre in several sizes. But this is the first and only barberpole which uses Candela wrapper with a Connecticut Shade counterpart. 

“I fell in love after smoking the Fuente 8-5-8 candela. When Gaby and I were discussing what was next for Stogie Road CigarsTM, I wanted to produce a unique barber-pole using candela. Not in the look, but in the flavor; the Sweet Grass Gringo delivers!”, Viajante said in a press release. Dr. Gaby Kafie added “Our goal at Tabacalera Kafie is to give each one of our manufacturing partners their proprietary blends, which support and represent their boutique cigar company is a truly special way. This blend does exactly that”. 

Ministry of Cigars - Sweet Grass Gringo finally released

Stogie Road Cigars

Viajante Stogie Road is an American vlog about cigar shops and humidors. Owner and founder Kerry was traveling America and visited cigar shops and lounges whenever he had the chance. And he decided to vlog about it, Viajante Stogie Road was born. Viajante means traveler in Spanish, and Kerry was awarded the nickname El Viajante by the owner of one of the lounges he frequented. With the numbers of people following Viajante Stogie Roads on social media, it was time for the next step. And that next step was a cigar brand.

Last year, Stogie Road Cigars released the first blend. That was the Edicion XXXV. This was also a barberpole. A 6 1/2 x52 Toro, blended with Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican fillers. The cigar has a double wrapper, barber pole-style, consisting from Honduran Cuban Seed Habano Maduro and an Ecuador Connecticut Shade leaf

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