August 2020

Stogie Roads Cigars releases a dark barber-pole. The new release is called Big Tony. It’s a collaboration with Tabacalera Kafie/San Jeronimo. Tabacalera Kafie is located in Danli, Honduras.

Stogie Roads and Barberpoles

Even though Stogie Roads Cigars is a new player on the market, it’s not the first barber-pole that Kerr Viajante is releasing. In the short existenc, Big Tony is the third barber-pole style cigar that the company is releasing. The other barber poles in the Stogie Roads portfolio are the Edicion XXXV and the Sweet Grass Gringo. The Sweet Grass Gringo is the only barberpole cigar that combines Connecticut Shade with Candela on the market.

Big Tony is another unique barber-pole. This time Veiajante and Dr. Gaby Kafie use two dark wrappers to create a barber-pole. The combination is created with A Nicaraguan Habano Maduro wrapper and a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The rest of the blend is undisclosed. Due to the longer fermentation time of the thick, dark tobaccos, it’s not clear when the cigars are ready to be released. In an email to us, Viajante said he expects the cigars to be ready at the end of 2020, or early next year.

Ministry of Cigars - Stogie Roads Cigars releases a dark barber-pole


“I wanted to continue to honor my family through my blends. The BIG TONY is named after my father who is a strong and powerful source of faith and inspiration in my life. What better way to honor such a man than to produce a cigar using a powerful double Maduro wrapper,” said Kerr Viajante.

Dr. Kafie stated, “It’s great to see how far Stogie Road Cigars has come. We appreciate the loyalty and dedication Kerr has shown our factory. And to our team in Honduras. We will always put our best foot forward to maintain the integrity and the quality of his blends. The Big Tony will sell out quickly as it’s the most extreme blend we have ever made. Full of flavor and strength, delivered with balance and intrigue.” 

Vlogs and podcasts

Stogie Roads Cigars owner Kerr Viajante is the founder of Viajante Stogie Roads. It’s a vlog about the cigar lifestyle and is broadcasted weekly. Often from another lounge, somewhere in the United States. The cigars are an extension of his popular vlogs. Viajante is also one of the three hosts of Protecting the Legacy. That’s a podcast associated with the Boutique Cigar Association.

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