March 2022

The Stogie Road Cigars brand is now available in the UK through Rebellion Cigar Ltd. This is the largest major change for Stogie Roads Cigars after moving production from Honduras to Tabacalera Nuevo Nica SA in Esteli, Nicaragua early last year.

“Our blends coming out of the new factory in Nicaragua are incredible and have never been better. The demand has led us to expand our available vitolas in all 4 blends by adding a 5X56 Robusto and a limited release 7X42 Lancero. More importantly, it led us to the great partnership with Shaun and Mandi Wilkinson of Rebellion Cigars Ltd. It’s such a blessing to be working with good and honest people that stand behind their word”

says Kerr Viajante from Stogie Road Cigars.

Rebellion Cigar LTD – is a family business born out of frustration, a few drunken nights, and the overwhelming wish to smoke well priced but excellent cigars – with a bit of loud rock music thrown in. Shaun Wilkinson maintains a “day job” in a large corporate management position, and Mandi Wilkinson recently retired from 20+ years in the NHS.

“Rebellion started at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and here we are, bigger and stronger than ever. Our wish is for everyone to share good times over a fantastic and unique cigar and our partnership with Kerr and Stogie Road Cigars™ certainly ticks all the boxes.  We are super excited to be bringing the Stogie Road to the UK”

Shaun and Mandi add.

“We are very serious about being a boutique brand, upholding the standards of what constitutes a premium cigar and our quest for the perfect blend. Shaun and Mandi share in these core values,”

Kerr continues.

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