April 2021

Stijn Elbersen emerges as a cigar distributor. For 15 years, Elbersen was involved in the cigar industry in The Netherlands and the last years internationally. At first as an account manager and brand manager for CubaCigar Benelux, the official Habanos distributor. He then became product manager for Swedish Match, a role he continued after the merger with Scandinavian Tobacco Group. And within STG he would climb the corporate ladder. From product manager to marketing manager. And then he went international as a senior international brand manager to eventually become the director of international sales & marketing for all handmade cigar brands of STG / General Cigar. Yet in September of 2020 STG finalized implementing Royal Agio in the STG structure and that day many people lost their job. Including Elbersen

Small Batch Traders

A month after, Elbersen started as the international sales & marketing manager for the Spanish distiller Liber Destilerias on a freelance basis. And now he’s launching his own cigar import and distribution company in The Netherlands under the name Small Batch Traders.

“This is a dream coming true; for years I thought about this and now I get the opportunity to work with some of the best producers in the world who have a big passion for tobacco and respect for people,” says Elbersen in a press release. “I can only do this thanks to Jochy Blanco and Karim Mustafa from Tabacalera Palma, Nirka Reyes, and Jean-Michel Louis from De Los Reyes Cigars, Phil Zanghi from Debonaire House, and Philipp Kugler from CigarKings, who were all very cooperative in terms of portfolio and packaging. This will bring us a big advantage in the strictly regulated Dutch market, which is relatively small but still growing.”

The portfolio

Small Batch Traders starts by introducing the German Nicaraguan brand CigarKings from the young entrepreneur Philipp Kugler and the cigars from Tabacalera Palma such as La Galera. And he will re-introduce the cigars from the De Los Reyes factory, including the House of Debonaire cigars. 

De Los Reyes and House of Debonaire have been bouncing around a bit between several distributors in The Netherlands. But now with Small Batch Traders they found a partner that is well known in the Dutch cigar community. With his knowledge, Elbersen will make the cigars a success in The Netherlands.


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