Date: October 2019
Author: Inspector Z

St. Dupont honors Opus X 25th anniversary with accessories. The now-legendary Opus X saw the light in 1995 when Arturo Fuente pulled off what was considered impossible. For decades everybody said that wrappers couldn’t be grown in the Dominican Republic. But when someone challenged Carlito Fuente by calling him a cigar assembler instead of a cigar manufacturer because he didn’t grow all the components himself, things changed. Carlito decided to try to grow wrappers in the Dominican Republic. People warned his father, Carlos, that it would ruin the business. But Carlito proved them all wrong.

Anniversary accessories

It’s not the first time that companies honor the Fuente Fuente Opus X with accessories for an anniversary. Five years ago, several companies worked with Fuente to celebrate the landmark. And the French luxury accessory brand St. Dupont has created lighters and cutters for the brand on several occasions. For the 25th anniversary, different accessory manufacturers will contribute to the festivities, but St. Dupont is the first with three lighters, a pen, and a cigar cutter.

St. Dupont and Arturo Fuente picked a Line D pen from the St.Dupont collection and Cuban American artist Manny Iriarte made an Opus X design for it. Iriarte designed the cutter and the lighters as well. And in the past, he designed the Hublot Fuente Opus X watches too. The lighters are two Ligne 2 lighters. One is black lacquered with green details and rose gold. The other Ligne 2 lighter is pink gold Ligne 2 with the name Ligne 2 Fuente Goldsmith. It is engraved with Opus X designs. The final lighter is the famous St. Dupont Maxijet. It comes with the black and green design just like the pen and the black lacquered Ligne 2 lighter. The same goes for the St. Dupont Maxijet cutter.

 When you combine two uber-luxury brands such as St. Dupont and Opus X, don’t expect to be able to buy those accessories cheap. The MSRP for the accessories start at USD 212 for the cutter and go up to USD 2350 for the most expensive lighter. And those are the suggested retail prices for the United States, before sales tax. The prices in other countries haven’t been announced yet. The cigars will hit the market next week.

Ministry of Cigars - Dupont honors Opus X
Manny Iriarte with the Opus X 25 black lacquered St. Dupont Ligne 2 lighter

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