July 2020

Spain commemorates 85 years of Montecristo. This year, the iconic brand celebrates its 85th anniversary. In 1935 Alonso Menendez acquired the Partagas factory. It’s there where he started a new brand. Montecristo, named after the Count of Monte Cristo, a novel by Alexandre Dumas. 

Special release 

The Spanish distributor of Habanos, Tabacalera, is releasing 3000 vintage cigars for this occasion. 2000 special boxes of 15 cigars. The cigars aren’t specifically made for this celebration though. Tabacalera uses the classic 5⅝x42 Montecristo #3, but vintage. The cigars are rolled between 2006 and 2013 based on the cigar band. The previous version of the Montecristo band is on the cigars. In 2013 the design was updated.

The cigars carry an extra band commemorating the 85th birthday. The cigars are repacked into beautiful black lacquered boxes with a Montecristo 85th Aniversario logo and details in gold. Only 2000 numbered boxes are released and sell for € 199.50.

Cohiba year of the pig

It is not the first time that Tabacalera created a limited edition out of regular production. In 2018 Tabacalera made a limited edition out of the Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos and Secretos. These aged cigars were repacked and rebounded for the Chinese Year of the Dog. Last year, Tabacalera did the same with 8-year-old Cohiba Robusto’s for the Year of the Pig. This year Habanos took over and created the Romeo y Julieta Maravillas for Chinese New Year. And now Spain commemorates 85 years of Montecristo with vintage Montecristo cigars. Spain is the biggest market for Habanos. And Montecristo is the biggest Habanos brand worldwide. It’s good for about 25% of Cuban cigar sales. Montecristo #2 is the most popular cigar amongst the Montecristo line-up.

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