Date: February 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Social media has become a big part of the cigar culture nowadays. Before the rise of the internet, the number of new cigars was nothing compared to nowadays. And to hear about new brands, you either had to read about it in the media like magazines, or you would hear the news from retailers. That is if you were lucky enough to have a retailer with knowledge and interest in cigars. Unfortunately too many retailers, even now with all the news readily and easily available, still have no clue what is going on, or have no interest in even trying to find out what’s going on.

But then, in the 1990s, cigar websites started to emerge, the first bloggers showed up and possibly the first cigar blogger was Steve Saka, who later made a name as marketing manager at JR Cigars, CEO of Drew Estate and now as the proud owner and master blender of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. And then forums popped up, some came and went, some merged and a few are still standing like the high-quality forum Cigar Asylum. Those boards were the source of a lot of cigar news.

When Facebook started with groups, that was almost the end for forums. Forums still have a huge advantage of a database, where posts in Facebook groups fade into oblivion quickly, yet Facebook is quick, easy and with the short attention span of the modern human being, it’s now the main way for cigar enthusiasts to communicate with each other, from large 20.000+ member groups to smaller, smaller cozier groups, from sell & trade groups to brand-specific groups, you can find whatever you like on Facebook.

But Facebook isn’t the only leg of social media. For quick, short news there’s Twitter. It is a great source of news if you follow the right people. And it’s all in 140 characters or less, so perfect for a quick scan, headlines and click links when you want more information or in-depth insights.

If you just want to see pictures, there are some great photographers out there or short video stories, you have two options. Snapchat and Instagram, of which the latter is way more popular. With Snapchat your photos will be shown briefly and disappear where your Instagram pictures will be visible until you remove them yourself. There are many great accounts to follow on Instagram, with amazing cigar pictures.

Last but not least, the video mogul that is YouTube. You can find all kinds of cigar related videos there, from manufacturer videos to reviews, to short documentaries, you name it, YouTube got it (within their guidelines of course). YouTube is a great companion on rainy days when you’re smoking a cigar all by yourself with a lot of cigar related content.

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