Date: March 2011
Author: Cigar Inspector

Smoking back to Italian civil service

In the current economic context, all methods are valid to reduce public debt. In Italy, 3 months of research and survey resulted in a new law allowing civil servants to light up a cigar or a cigarette in public institutions – either in their personal offices or with their collegues’ consent. According to the Instituto Nazionale di Ricerca (National Institute of Research), this measure will help increase the average working time by 7%, with peaks of over 10% in winter. “When the smoking ban was introduced back in 2005, employees would stay outside longer and multiply smoking breaks, some of them even returning home to smoke a cigar!” says Marcelo Giorgetti, in charge of the study, chewing on a Ramon Allones. This is an interesting way of fighting public debt and we sure hope other countries will follow the example!

3 thoughts on “Smoking is back to Italian civil service

  1. I wish that I can do that with my current employer.

  2. bravo Italy! I think that smoking in my office would absolutely increase my productivity

  3. You gotta love the Italians!

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