December 2019

Smoke dreams now available on google books for free. The autobiography that Julius Caesar Newman published in 1957 is now available for free on Google Books. It’s a brand new scan. Previously the book was only available Scribd, but now there’s a free updated version available on Google Books.

Cigar Books

Now, this is not the only book from the J.C. Newman family. Julius Caesar’s son Stanford J Newman published ‘Cigar Family, A 100-year journey in the Cigar Industry’ in 1999. 

Last year Joya de Nicaragua released a book about their 50 years in business. That book, Cinco Decadas, was written by the British author Nick Hammond. Hammond released his ‘around the world in 80 cigars’ earlier this year.

A few years ago, the Dutch lifestyle journalist Marcel Langedijk published a book about the Nicaraguan cigars called Cigaragua. With photographer Jesaja Hutabessy he traveled to Esteli to interview cigar manufacturers and to capture the feel of the city. Since we were involved in that project, we are biased and we urge everybody to take a look at that book. It’s available in Dutch and English at the Cigaragua webshop.

Ministry of Cigars - Smoke dreams now available on google books

Another book we highly suggest is From Soil to Soul, the book written by cigar manufacturer Didier Houvenaghel. He has a degree as an agricultural engineer and studied in Belgium and in Cuba. Pinar del Rio, the heart of the Cuban tobacco, to be precise. The book is out of print but can be found here and there. Currently, Didier is working on an updated, upgraded version which is expected to be published within six months.

Habanos books

There are also many books written about Cuban cigars. Habanos published ’the world of the Habano’ but independent writers dug into the history of the Cuban cigars as well. Amir Saarony wrote an in-depth book just about Partagas called Partagas the book/el Libro. The Bible of Cuban Cigars is written by collector and cigar legend Min Ron Nee though. An illustrated encyclopedia of post-revolution Havana cigars is considered to be the best source of knowledge about Cuban cigars in the world. Matteo Speranza wrote The Cuban Cigar handbook in 2016. 

Ministry of Cigars - Smoke dreams now available on google books

Is this a complete list of cigar books? No, not by far. But while you wait on your Amazon delivery for these books, you can read Smoke Dreams by J.C. Newman for free on Google Books.


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