Date: May 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Small changes coming for Sin Compromiso. Steve Saka, founder and master blender of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, explained on Facebook that small changes are coming to the Sin Compromiso line of cigars. The changes are not in the blend but will be visible to the naked eye.

On two of the vitolas in the Sin Compromiso line, the fan style pigtail will be replaced with a rose knot. This will happen on the 5⅝x46 Intrepido and the 7×44 Varita Majica. Saka is changing the pigtails for two reasons. The first one is purely aesthetic, Saka likes the look of the rose knot better on these cigars. The second reason to change the pigtails is an ongoing issue with breakage during transit.

Ministry of Cigars -
the current fan style pigtail (photo credit: 2 guys smoke shop)
the new rose knot pigtail (photo credit: Steve Saka Facebook)


The second change that is coming is cellophane. All the vitolas in the brand will be wrapped in cellophane. The cedar sleeve will remain as well. And again, Saka has two reasons to do this. The first reason is hygiene. Something that has been highlighted with the current Covid-19 pandemic. When a cigar is wrapped in cellophane, other customers can’t have touched, sniffed, or otherwise handled the cigar that you are buying. And with the new FDA legislation in the United States, cellophane-wrapped cigars are considered a ‘one count unit’. That way, the cigars can still be sold as singles by the American tobacconists, instead of being sold per box only. 

Currently, Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust still has a limited stock of the Sin Compromiso with the fan style pigtails and naked cigars. But once those are sold out, the new stock will come with the new pigtails. And wrapped in cellophane. 

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