Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Skel Ton cigars from Germany. Recently we saw a picture on facebook of a cigar. A cigar we never heard of. But the ring was gorgeous and the cigar nerds we are, we had to know more about it. It turns out that it’s a Nicaraguan cigar made for a German cigar aficionado, Tonio Neugebauer. And he’s importing and distributing the brand exclusively in Germany for now. We reached out to Tonio and the German cigar shop Whisky & Cigar Salon in Gronau for more information. Han Hilderink from Whisky and Cigar Salon had nothing but praises about the brand.

Ministry of Cigars - Skel Ton cigars from Germany

The history of Skel Ton

Neugebauer has been in the tobacco business for a few years. He works for the Hamburg Cigarren Contor and but before that, he fell in love with cigars. His journey started in 2009 and soon had a dream of owning his own cigar brand. That dream came a step closer when he met Nestor Andres Plasencia. The Plasencia family is the largest tobacco grower in Nicaragua and Honduras. And they own four cigar factories, two in Nicaragua and two in Honduras. All the cigars for Maya Selva are made at one of their factories in Honduras, under the watchful eyes of Selva who controls her own tobacco and production. The same goes for all Honduran made Rocky Patel Premium Cigars.

The Skel Ton cigars are made at one of the Plasencia factories in Nicaragua. For the blend, Neugebauer uses an H-Blend wrapper from Ecuador. The cigar has a double binder, from Indonesia and Nicaragua. The filler consists of tobacco from the Esteli region of Nicaragua and two Honduran tobaccos. The cigars are available in three sizes. Those are a 6×44 Corona, a 5×54 Robusto, and a 6×52 Toro. They are packed in beautiful white boxes with the beautiful Skel Ton logo. And the prices are very reasonable. Germany works with fixed prices. The Corona comes in a €6,70, the Robusto is €6,90, and the Toro is the most expensive one with a price tag of €7,20. The cigars were originally released in 2016 and are now a staple in many German shops.

For now, the Skel Ton cigars are only available in Germany. The brand is not actively looking for distributors in other countries, but in an e-mail to us, Neugebauer did mention that his next step will be distribution in Switzerland. We will also be getting some samples for a review on our website.

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