December 2023

Sinistro Cigars is set to launch the third edition of its esteemed NV line, continuing the tradition of delivering a high-end smoking experience. Crafted by James Agopian, the NV blend showcases a Dominican corojo maduro wrapper aged for an impressive decade. Complementing this exquisite wrapper is an Indonesian Sumatra leaf binder, and a rich filler blend comprising Dominican piloto Cubano ligero, Nicaraguan ligero, Pennsylvanian ligero, and Dominican olor.

Produced at Tabacalera El Artista in the Dominican Republic, the Sinistro NV 2023 series offers aficionados two distinct vitolas:
• Sinistro NV 2023 Remus (5 x 52) — $20 (Box of 20 Cigars, $400)
• Sinistro NV 2023 Romulus (6 x 54) — $25 (Box of 20 Cigars, $500)

Limited to a mere 180 boxes of 20 cigars for each size, the production is exclusive, and distribution is restricted to only 10 carefully selected, yet undisclosed, retailers across the country. In a departure from previous practices, Sinistro has opted not to disclose the names of the specific stores receiving this coveted release, adding an air of mystery and anticipation to the distribution process.

The inaugural NV line made its debut in December 2021, establishing itself as an annual release designed to hit the shelves just before the year concludes. The first instalment saw a limited production of 150 boxes across two sizes, distributed among a select group of 10 retailers. Building on this success, the second release in December 2022 expanded production to 190 boxes of Remus and 180 boxes of Romulus, reaching a wider audience through distribution to 30 retailers.

As Sinistro Cigars unveils the third chapter of the NV saga, enthusiasts can anticipate a continuation of the brand’s commitment to quality, exclusivity, and the artistry of fine cigar craftsmanship. The limited availability and undisclosed retailer information further heighten the allure of this sought-after collection.

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