Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Singapore is getting smoke cabins. The anti-smoke laws in Singapore are strict. And they are becoming stricter every year. Plain packaging is announced for 2020. And the legal smoking age is slowly being increased to 21 as well.

A few months ago, the whole Orchard area was declared a smoke free zone. Orchard is the famous part of Singapore, where all the luxury brands have their shops.

There are a few cigar shops on the island. But the tax is very high, so not a lot of Singaporeans smoke cigars. Besides the price, it’s also a hassle to find a spot to smoke. There are hardly any indoors options, except for some private clubs. And one or two hotel bars. Real cigar lounges are not an option in the South East Asian country. But that might change.

Smoking Cabin

A brand new Singaporean company, Smoking Cabin, has come up with a solution. And the Singaporean government is actually open to this idea. The idea is simple, small air-conditioned cabins with effective filtering systems. So even when people are smoking inside, only clean air will escape.

Because of these smoking cabins, the Singapore government might be open for well-filtered cigar lounges. That way, cigar smokers won’t have to puff outside in the smoldering and humid heat. And the smoke will not bother people walking by. Because if it works for cigarette smoke, it will work for cigar smoke too.

Of course, the cabins are quite small. That’s because they are not built for long occupancy. Cigarette smokers only need a few minutes. But an evolved version of these cabins would make a great cigar lounge. Imagine, 4 or 5 of these cabins combined. And then decorated with cigar art, leather sofas and a nice selection of beverages. We think that would be an instant success in the city-state of Singapore. And maybe elsewhere in the world too.

Ministry of Cigars Singapore is getting smoke cabins
Smoking cabin 

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