Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

For cigar blenders and manufacturers, it’s always compromising. Compromising between the availability of the tobacco, the quality of the crop, the price, the vitolas, the packaging. To end up with the minimum level of quality you want for the price range you want your product to be in, it’s always give and take.

Now when Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust set out to blend this line, he would not compromise at all. He went all in, demanding only the best available tobacco from the best crops, blended the cigars into the vitolas where the blend shines most. No compromises were done on the packaging either. And that’s why the line is called Sin Compromiso, no compromises.

The negro wrapper for the cigar is grown in Mexico, in the San Andres region. The tobacco is grown in a unique way, copied from Japanese fruit growers. The bottom leaves are removed so the plant is forced to send more nutrients to the top leaves. That secures that the wrapper leaf is stronger and bolder than tobacco grown in a traditional way. The binder is a hybrid Habano leaf from Ecuador. The fillers are grown at an independent farm in Nicaragua, exclusively for the Sin Compromiso

The cigars are a regular production, but the total numbers of cigars rolled is low, so there is a limited supply. Yet enough to make sure that Cigaragua in Amsterdam will be the one and only shop in The Netherlands to carry all five vitolas. The cigars are expected to land in The Netherlands on December 9th. It then will take a few days of paperwork to get the cigars cleared from customs, tax stamped and distributed to the shop.

The cigars will be available in five sizes.
No.2 Torpedo (6×52) €225 for a box  of 13
No.5 Parejo (6×54) €225 for a box of 13
Intrepido (5.6×46) €210 for a box of 13
Espada Esroque (7×44) €210 for a box of 13
No.7 Parejo (7×56) €240 for a box of 13

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