Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven builds the second humidor. The current walk-in humidor wasn’t sufficient enough. So a second walk-in humidor was created.

As Ministry of Cigars published recently, Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven will become an official Habanos Specialist. And with that title, a larger assortment of Cuban cigars is a must. Yet the maximum capacity of the walk-in humidor is already at maximum level. So the father and son retailer team went to work. Together they are starting to build a second walk-in humidor.

The new humidor will be used for Cuban cigars. And for the upper echelon of the non-Cuban assortment of the shop. Brands like Liga Privada, Julius Caesar, Plasencia Alma Fuerte and the limited edition cigars from Balmoral and others.

Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven

Eygelshoven is a small, tight-knit, community in between Heerlen and Kerkrade. And a few years ago, Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven owners Wil and Tom Winkelman decided to specialize more into cigars. That meant fading out a lot of the convenience store items they sold. It turned out to be a great vision, as, in the years after their decision, more and more legislation arose. With their call, they stayed a step ahead of the legislation and turned out the be ready for the future. They will be one of the few tobacco only shops in the country.

The shop used to sell cigarettes, roll your own tobacco, and the famous dry-cured short fillers which are still very popular in The Netherlands. Five years ago they added premium longfillers as well. Especially Tom, the son of the father and son team, is passionate about premium cigars. He wanted to expand in that part of the tobacco business. A walk-in humidor was built. And two years ago, a new smoke lounge was realized at the back of the shop. That lounge offers the regulars a place to light a cigar. And now the second walk-in humidor is needed. That’s due to the high demand. So the decision to sell premium handmade cigars turned out to be a fantastic call.

Ministry of Cigars - Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven builds second humidor
partial view inside the new humidor

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