Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Select Draw now available in the Benelux. We wrote about the Select Draw Cigar Cutter a few times. We even reviewed the Select Draw Cigar Cutter in this video. And the revolutionary cutter is now available in the Benelux through distributor Gajane Benelux. The arrival of the Select Draw Cigar Cutter was announced in February this year, and Gajane has started offering the accessories to retailers last week.

Select Draw Cigar Cutter

Inventor Marc Alston saw his wife struggle with pieces of tobacco in her mouth. He wanted to fix this problem for her, and after many sleepless nights he came up with the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. He designed one, but that wasn’t the solution. After many trial and errors, he came up with the current design which solved all the problems his wife experienced. And more.

The Select Draw Cigar Cutter is a versatile accessory. There are many ways to pierce holes in the cap of a cigar to get a draw. But it also doubles as a great nub tool. And it creates a way to mellow out a very strong cigar by punching holes in the side.

Two versions

The Select Draw Cigar Cutter is available in two types. Both are the same size, approximately 5×8 cm and a weight of little over 40 grams. But the finish is different. The original Select Draw Cigar Cutter is silver in color. The Obsidian is black as night. Both versions will be available in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The MRSP is set at €47.50 but retailers are free to sell it for any price they want. The Benelux is not the first international market where the Select Draw will be available. New Zealand was the first, Spain and other countries followed soon after. 

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