August 2020

Second Linea Retro from Habanos finally launched. In 2017, Habanos announced the birth of the Linea Retro. Two marevas, one from Partagas and one from Romeo y Julieta would be released in retro-style packaging. A nod to the packaging these cigars used to have before being discontinued.

The Romeo y Julieta Club Kings was released earlier this year. According to Habanos, the delay was caused by the packaging. Beautiful metal tins with a retro look. The tins open when the logo of the cigar brand is pressed. And now the Partagas Capitols, the second release for the Linea Retro is going to be launched. 

Ministry of Cigars - PCC introduces Romeo y Julieta Club Kings


Next week the cigars will land at La Casa del Habanos franchises in Switzerland. A week later the cigars arrive at Habanos Specialist stores in the central European country. But there is no date known for a launch in the rest of the world. Even though the Habanos lovers have been waiting for over three years to get their hands on the retro tins and the Mareva sized Partagas cigars.

The price of a tin is 65 CHF (approximately 60 euro). That is a good benchmark for cigar aficionados from other countries to estimate how much the cigars will cost in their home market.

Partagas Capitols

The original Partagas Capitols were machine-made cigars. The cigars saw the light before 1960 and were officially discontinued in 2001. But even though 2001 is the discontinued date, the cigars haven’t been seen since the mid-1980s.

This will be the only Partagas in a Mareva size available. In the past, there have been three other Partagas cigars in that size. The original Partagas Capitol, the Partagas Petit Privados, and the Partagas Petit Corona. All have been discontinued for twenty years or longer.

Ministry of Cigars - Second Linea Retro from Habanos finally launched.

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