Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Samaná white and Nicaragua now in Switzerland. Distributor Wellauer will bring in four new cigars. Two sizes of the Nicaragua line. And two sizes of the limited edition White line.

Samaná Nicaragua

Even though the name and the theme for these cigars say Nicaragua, it is a Dominican cigar. The cigars are made by Tabacalera Don Esteban. For this line, Oskar Naush, responsible for Tabacalera Don Esteban, traveled to Nicaragua. There he purchased tobacco from Esteli. He blended that with Dominican Olor as a binder. Combined with a Habanos 2000 wrapper from Ecuador, that tobacco became the Samaná Nicaragua.

The line comes in two sizes. There is the Samaná Nicaragua Epicure. That cigar is 6 inches long with a 54 ring. The cigars are 10 CHF per piece. A box of twenty will be 200 CHF.

The other size is the 5×50 Samaná Nicaragua Robusto. That cigar also comes in boxes of 20 cigars. A box is 190 CHF, which equals to 9,50 CHF per cigar.

Ministry of Cigars Samaná Nicaragua
Samaná Nicaragua Line

Samaná White

The Samaná white line is a limited edition. Only 200 boxes of each of the two sizes are made. And the cigars only share the filler and binder. The wrapper on the cigars is different. Fernando Rodriguez, the master blender of Tabacalera Don Esteban, created the blends. For the filler and binder, he uses tobacco from the renowned José Mendez factory. That factory is owned by Don Siegfried Maruschke. 

The Samaná White 5.60 is, as the name suggests 5×60 in size. The fillers consist of Cubano Ligero and Dominican Seco. The binder is Olor Dominicana. The wrapper is an Ecuador grown Connecticut Shade. The cigar comes in a ten count box for 130 CHF.

The Samaná White 6.60 is one inch longer than the smaller brother. The filler and binder are exactly the same. Yet the wrapper is different. For this cigar, Rodrigues went for a Brazilian Arapiraca leaf. The cigars are 14 CHF each, or 126 CHF for a box of 9 cigars.

Ministry of Cigars Samaná white and Nicaragua now in Switzerland
Samaná white line

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