Date: June 2024
Author: Inspector X

The Saint Luis Rey Carenas line, first launched in 2021 and recipient of a spot on the coveted Cigar Aficionado Top 25 Cigars of the Year, is expanding with a new extra-aged blend – Saint Luis Rey Carenas Ultramar.

This latest offering from Altadis U.S.A. is a tribute to the early days of the cigar trade when sixteenth-century Spanish vessels travelled ‘ultramar,’ or overseas, from Puerto Carenas in the New World to Spain carrying tobacco leaves. The precious tobacco leaves, destined for the King of Spain, were stored in barrels in a clandestine part of the ship as a measure to keep the valuable commodity safe from pirates.

The transport of tobacco in the ships destined for Spain from the New World, was the first known form of tobacco fermentation and aging,” explains Gabe Diaz, Brand Manager for AUSA. “The original Saint Luis Rey Carenas parallels how the tobacco would have tasted in the New World… The Saint Luis Rey Carenas Ultramar represents the extra-aged tobacco that would have been smoked upon the shipment’s arrival in Spain.” Inspired by this colourful cigar history, Saint Luis Rey Carenas Ultramar is an extra-aged blend of tobaccos developed by the Grupo de Maestros of La Flor de Copan and is handmade in Honduras with premium Honduran and Nicaraguan filler and boasts an exquisite Nicaraguan wrapper and binder.

The Saint Luis Rey Carenas Ultramar box is stained deep blue to represent the rolling waves experienced by the merchants travelling the high seas in a risky adventure to deliver these prized goods to the Spanish King. The scene depicted on the beautiful box interior shows a ship navigating turbulent waters and the box insert includes the mapped route from Puerto Carenas to Sevilla, Spain. Ultramar…The Aged Side of Carenas.

The Saint Luis Rey Carenas Ultramar comes in the following four front marks:

Corona (45 x 5 5/8) $9.10
Robusto (50 x 5) $9.64
Toro (52 x 6) $9.75
Magnum (60 x 6) $10.69

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