Date: December 2018
Author: Inspector Z

De Los Reyes is a factory on the Dominican Republic with a lot of history. They don’t only make a lot of private labels, like Debonaire, Indian Motorcycle and many more, but also release cigars for under their own brand. And their flagship Saga is coming to The Netherlands.

Saga is a tribute to the family history, the Reyes saga. The saga, which covers many decades already, has a lot of chapters still to write with a new generation taking over in the shape of Nirka Reyes. And finding a distributor for The Netherlands in the shape of Gajane Benelux is another page written.

The first Saga cigars to land in The Netherlands are the Golden Age robusto with a fixed price of €14,29. The golden age is a Dominican puro with a Dominican Corojo 2006 wrapper. The size of the cigar is a classic 5×50.

Also available will be the Saga No.7 robusto. This 5½x50 vitola has a filler from Dominican and Central American tobacco. The binder is a Cuban seed Dominican leaf while the wrapper is a Dominican grown cubra. The price of this cigar will be €10,45.

And the last Saga cigars to be released into The Netherlands are the Saga Short Tales. The cigars are packed in boxes that look like books, which fit the Saga and tales theme.

The Saga Short Tale Tomo : Tales of High Priming is a 4×58 cigar with Dominican and USA Connecticut Broadleaf filler, an Indonesian binder, and a Nicaraguan wrapper. The price is set at €9.

The Saga Short Tale Tomo 2: Tales of the land: Cotui is a 5×54 belicoso with North American and Dominican filler, an Indonesian binder, and a Dominican wrapper from Cotui. The price is also €9.

The Saga Short Tale Tomo 3: L.I.V. (Labor Ipse Voluptas) is a 4½x42 petit corona. The price is set at €6,50. The blend consists of Brazilian Habano and Dominican Piloto Cubano wrapped in a Dominican binder and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

The Saga Short Tale Tomo 4: L.O.V. (Labor Omnia Vincit) is a 4×44 figurado. The filler is Dominican with some Pennsylvania viso tobacco. The binder is Dominican with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Just like the Tomo 3, the price is €6,50.

The Saga Short Tale Tomo 5: L.A.V. (Laudamus Abundancia Veteres) is a 5×34 short panatela. A box contains 15 cigars instead of the 10 like all other Short Tales. The cigar is made of an Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican binder, and filler from the Dominican Republic and the U.S.A.

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