Date: November 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Royal Danish liquor in Sweden. Jan Vistisen is the owner and founder of Royal Danish Cigars. He has cigars produced in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The cigars have a following in several European markets. But cigars aren’t the only thing that Royal Danish is known for.


A few years ago, Vistisen released a liquor called Rumnac. That idea was born when Vistisen tried to double infuse cigars with both cognac and rum. The strong flavor from cognac constantly took over the milder aromas of the fine mellow rums. So he decided to mix the two spirits. Many different blending formulas of rum and cognac were tried to find the perfect balance for the infusion of the cigars. He was so impressed by the aromas and flavors in the final blend that he decided to sip it. Vistisen liked the taste so much, that he released it as a new spirit: Rumnac.

Rumnac is a mix of Caribbean rum with quality cognac, and it’s the first in its kind. The blend is made with 70% rum, which has been aged for a minimum of five years and 30% V.S.O.P. Petit Champagne cognac. The cognac itself has seven gold medals. The alcohol percentage is 40% or 80 proof. The Rumnac comes in bottles of 500ml

Ministry of Cigars - Royal Danish liquor in Sweden


This was just the start for Vistisen. After the success of Rumnac, he started to blend more spirits. And the follow up to the Rumnac is the Arruco. Rumnac is now renamed to Arruco VSOP. And the Arruco XO is the Armagnac and rum blend. The Swedish distributor Arbore AB and Royal Danish signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Arruco on the Scandinavian country.

Ministry of Cigars - Royal Danish liquor in Sweden
Jan Vistisen (Royal Danish) and Pierre Gustavsson (Arbore AB)

And what about the double infused cigars you might ask? Well, according to Vistisen, they are still aging in the humidors of Royal Danish Cigars for a release in the future. Kind Cigars is the distributor for Royal Danish Cigars in Sweden.

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