May 2020

Royal Danish Cigars name change. Late February of this year, Jan Vistisen of Royal Danish Cigars went on Facebook to announce that Royal Danish Cigars was no longer. Not that he stopped producing cigars, but the Danish Royal family are forcing him to change his name. Even though Royal Danish Cigars is a trademarked brand, that has been on the market for over a decade. And the way the Danish royals handled it doesn’t deserve a prize. Instead of contacting Vistisen, Danish officials demanded tobacconists to stop selling Royal Danish Cigars. They informed tobacconists that fines of thousands of euros are in place for those that didn’t cease sale.

Royal Danish Cigars is officially trademarked. But the Danish trademark agency informed Vistisen that his trademark won’t be renewed on behalf of the Royal Danish Family. When the Danish national Vistisen started the brand, he chose this name because of the long love story between the Danish royals and tobacco. According to the e-mail sent to the retailers, only the Royal Danish Family can use the Royal Danish name. Even though 36 other companies use that name as well.

New name

But the cigars will be back soon. Earlier this week, Vistisen aka King of Ashes, received news from the European Union Intellectual Property Office that his new trademark is officially registered. The new name and new logo are approved, so new rings and artwork for cigar boxes are now being printed. Once the new artwork is applied, the new stock will be shipped to all the current distributors of the brand. The new name is King of Ashes, House of Nicaragua. 

The new name does have a consequence. Royal Danish Cigars was grandfathered in the United States. The brand and most blends were registered before the FDA deadline of 2016. But the new name isn’t. That will mean that the cigars won’t be allowed to be sold on the American market, the largest cigar market in the world. But fans of Royal Danish cigars elsewhere are relieved, soon they will be smoking the same blends but only with a new name: King of Ashes, House of Nicaragua.

Ministry of Cigars - Royal Danish Cigars name change

3 thoughts on “Royal Danish Cigars name change

  1. The guy is a racist.

    1. I asked for proof of that when Richard Lovell made the same comment. No reaction from him. Can you show me racist statements of Jan please? Because all I saw online was a screenshot without any context, of someone calling Jan a ‘monkey ass’ to which Jan replied “didn’t they teach you manners in the slum”. If that’s what you’re referring to, please read that again, Jan did not make the ‘monkey ass’ comment, that was the other party (the one that started the name calling).

      Now if you can show us real racism, we will take a stance. We have proven not to tolerate racism when we took a stance against Kaizad Hansotia for his racially motivated Facebook posts. But so far, all we have seen is an comment without any context of Jan being called a ‘monkey ass’ to which he replied asking if the guy ‘didn’t learn any matters in the slum’. So please, provide us with the whole conversation.

  2. I really like the new name! Congrats!!!

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