Date: December 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Normally we don’t post about pipe tobacco, but now that Royal Agio is branching out into the pipe tobacco business we make an exception. No, Royal Agio isn’t going to make pipe tobacco, but from January 1st they will be the sole distributor of the MacBaren brand in Belgium and The Netherlands.

MacBaren has a history that goes back to 1826, to a tobacco retail shop in the town of Svendborg, Denmark. In 1887 that shop was bought by the Halberg family and now, 4 generations later the Halberg family grew MacBaren to the second largest pipe tobacco brand in the world. MacBaren is known for the MacBaren Mixture, Amphora, 7 seas, Choice amongst others and is sold in over 80 countries.

In a few markets, including Belgium, MacBaren also sells roll your own tobacco under the brand names Caporal, Amsterdamer and Django. Boris Wintermans, CEO of Royal Agio explains that the cooperation with MacBaren fits in the current Agio strategy. Both companies are family businesses with a history of over a century and a passion for tobacco. Tradition and inventions go hand in hand for both Agio and MacBaren.

The cooperation starts January 1st, Royal Agio expects the first products to be on the shelves in the second week of January.

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