September 2018

RoMa Craft is going nordic. RoMa Craft is expanding the list of countries in which they are available. This time they add Norway to the list. For that Mike Rosales and Skip Marting are partnering up with Nordic Cigars in a distribution deal. And with that, RoMa Craft is going nordic.

RoMa has a European warehouse in Germany with Schuster Zigarren. It’s expected that the cigars will be available on very short notice. When we hear what lines and sizes become available on the Norwegian market, we will report back. We are also trying to find information on prices.

RoMa Craft

RoMa Craft is the baby of Mike Rosales and Skip Martin. Rosales puts the Ro in RoMa. Martin is responsible for the Ma part. The duo met when Martin owned a tobacconist in Texas. That shop is destroyed by forces of nature when he contacts Rosales. Back then, Rosales is making cigars in Costa Rica. Martin needed a house blend to supply something unique to his customers while the shop was rebuild.

The cigars gained popularity. The duo moves the production to Nicaragua. That’s where Esteban Disla comes into play. The three decide to build a factory, Nica Sueno. That stands for the Nicaraguan dream. And a dream it is, RoMa is a very popular boutique brand that sells all the cigars they can make.

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