December 2018

RoMa Craft announces two limited editions for Europe. In a post on Facebook, Skip Martin from RoMa Craft announced the limited editions for 2019. And what makes us jump for joy was the announcement of two limited editions for Europe. That is next to their regular production for Europe.

The European only line, Wunder|lust, will get a limited edition named after Martin’s young daughter Fiorella. And there will be a weaselito with a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. How many boxes will be made is yet unclear, when the cigars are released on the European markets is also not clear yet but if we would make a guess, we would say around the Intertabac trade show in September.

Skip’s Facebook message

Here is the post from Skip Martin

The following Limited Editions were released in the first half of 2018.

As with our other limited production sizes, they will continue to be produced twice per year going forward. It depends on our production schedule and capacity, but we generally produce a minimum of 200 boxes each time we initiate production of one of these sizes.

CRAFT 2018
CroMagnon EMH ‘Black Irish’
CroMagnon Mandible ‘Mastodon’
Aquitaine EMH ‘Sabre Tooth’
CroMagnon Firecracker (2018 Exclusive)
CroMagnon EMH ‘Fomorian’
Neanderthal OM, 7 x 38 (2018 Exclusive)
Neanderthal GD

We also followed our normal Seasonal/Event release of our other BA, EC, CM, AQ, and NE limited sizes in 10, 12, and 15 count boxes (below):
Intemperance BA XXI (5 Core Sizes +):

Intemperance EC XVIII (5 Core Sizes +):

CroMagnon (7 Core Sizes +):
EMH Fomorian

CroMagnon Aquitaine (7 Core Sizes +):
Sabre Tooth

Neanderthal (3 Core Sizes)

In 2019, we will follow a similar schedule. Each of the cigars above will be released at some point throughout the year. Additionally, we will release the following:

Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness
Intemperance WR1794 (2019 Exclusive – TBA)
CroMagnon EMH ‘Don Bosco’ (2019 Exclusive – OVTC)
CroMagnon Aquitaine Mandible ‘Mastodon’
CroMagnon Aquitaine Slobberknocker
CRAFT 2019 (2019 Exclusive- Riverside)
WitchCraft 2019 (2019 Exclusive – Tobaccology)


Wunder|Lust Fiorella
Weaselito Brasil Mata Fina

Notably, we also released the following in the EU, in 2018 and will do so again in 2019.

Neanderthal KFG, JCF and HS
Weaselitos (Ecuador Habano, US Conn Broadleaf and Mexican San Andres)

Our production for 2019 will once again be set at about 1,200,000 cigars. Core Line production is planned at approximately 950k, LE, and European Exclusives at about 150k and Private Label at about 100k.

While 80% of our production is core line products we have been producing for the last 5-9 years, our seasonal releases have become a limited annual phenomenon. The FDA really limits us, but we do the best we can to release what we can, where we can since 2016.

While I doubt we will get much love from the EOY lists, for a variety of reasons, 2019 will undoubtedly be the #YearoftheWeasel once again.
The fact that these releases sell out in a few hours wherever they occur, and we continue to sell every size of our core line almost as fast as we can make it is recognition enough for us. Thank you!

Skip Martin on FaceBook

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