November 2023

Rojas Cigars is making some modifications to its popular Street Tacos and Breakfast Tacos lines. The Street Tacos line will experience a slight increase in pricing, while the Breakfast Tacos line will undergo a change in ring gauge.

The Rojas Street Tacos line comprises two blends, Barbacoa and Carnitas, and the individual cigar prices will see an increase of approximately 30 cents. The specific price adjustment a consumer sees will be subject to local tax rates and how they are applied to the final cost of the cigar.

The new pricing for the Street Tacos line is as follows:

Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa/Carnitas Short Corona Box-Press (5 1/2 x 46) — $8.65 (Box of 16, $138.40)
Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa/Carnitas Robusto Box-Press (5 x 50) — $9.15 (Box of 16, $146.40)
Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa/Carnitas Toro Box-Press (6 x 50) — $9.40 (Box of 16, $150.40)

The decision to increase prices was attributed to higher raw material costs required to produce the cigars. The Carnitas blend features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and filler, while the Barbacoa blend uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and filler.

Regarding the Rojas Breakfast Tacos line, the cigar is transitioning from a 46-ring gauge to a 50-ring gauge. This change was primarily driven by the requests of the cigar rollers, who found it challenging to produce the cigar in the 46-ring gauge size due to the leaf-cutting process required for the petit perfecto shape.

The pricing for the Rojas Breakfast Tacos line remains unchanged at $6 per cigar. The cigar will maintain its length of 4 1/2 inches and its petit perfecto shape. The company has already started sending out the first shipments of the 50-ring gauge version. However, there are still some of the 46-ring gauge versions in the company’s warehouse, and they will be utilized to fulfil orders.

The Rojas Breakfast Tacos line is available in three variations: an Ecuadorian Connecticut, a Mexican San Andrés maduro, and an Ecuadorian Sumatra, all featuring Nicaraguan binders and fillers grown by Rojas Cigars.

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