Date: February 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Rocky Patel CSWC cigars revealed. Last week Marko Bilic showed the brand new Rocky Patel CSWC competition cigar on his Facebook page. This new line by Rocky Patel will be the official Cigar Smoking World Championship competition cigar. And it’s specially blended for the competition.

Rocky Patel CSWC

In the last couple of years of the Cigar Smoking World Championship, Macanudo was the official supplier for the competition. They supplied the Macanudo Inspirado in Mareva size. And with that, they replaced the Montecristo No.4 which was the official cigar for the first few years. Last September, Bilic revealed that Rocky Patel would be the new supplier of cigars. And as a partner, Bilic would be involved in the creation of the new cigar. The heavy work started mid-September, according to Bilic Facebook post. They tested the technical properties and burning behavior. But also the smoke speed and the impact on the taste of the cigar. The final product is ready now.

The cigars will be available in the classic Mareva size. But there are also a Robusto and Toro that Patel will be adding to the portfolio. The cigars utilize fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. The binder comes from Nicaragua as well. And the wrapper comes from the San Andres region in Mexico.

Ministry of Cigars - Rocky Patel CSWC cigars revealed

CSWC qualifiers

The Cigar Smoking World Championship is also known as the slow smoke. The slowest smoker wins. But there are rules. You can only light the cigar once, with two cigar matchsticks. You can’t burn the ring, can’t rest the cigar or use other tricks to enhance your chances. And even though we feel that cigars are for relaxation and not for competition, we had a great time during the qualifier in Kuala Lumpur last year. And we will be there again this year.

Some of the dates for the qualifying tournaments have been announced on the Cigar Smoking World Championship website. Some dates in the United States, Asia, and Europe are confirmed, others still have to be confirmed. But here’s the list of confirmed dates:

February 18th – Naples, Florida
February 19th – San Antonio, Texas
February 20th – Dallas, Texas
February 21st – Phoenix, Arizona
February 22nd – San Diego, California
February 23rd – Fresno, California
February 26th – Denver, Colorado
February 29th – Riga, Latvia
March 7th – Skopje, Macedonia
March 14th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March 21st – Saigon, Vietnam
March 28th – Tokio, Japan
April 1st – Paris, France
April 2nd – Munich, Germany
April 3rd – Dusseldorf, Germany
April 11th – St. Petersburg, Russia
April 15th – Oslo, Norway
April 20th – Bratislava, Slovakia
April 23-25 – Austria
May 5th – Mexico City, Mexico
May 6th – Norridge, Illinois 
May 7-9 – Nashville, Tennessee
May 13th – Kansas City, Kansas
May 14th – Omaha, Nebraska
May 15th – Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 16th – Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
May 27th – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
May 29th – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 30th – Copenhagen, Denmark
June 4th- London, United Kingdom
June 6th – Rome, Italy
June 11th – Warsaw, Poland
June 13th – Tallinn, Estonia
June 19th – Antwerp, Belgium
July 4th – Big Alpine Smoke, Switzerland

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