May 2019

Robert Graham 1874 145th anniversary event. We wrote about the event before. But now we have a confirmed list with guests. And there will be some major cigar celebrities present at the party.

The guests

Jonathan Drew – Jonathan Drew is the founder of Drew Estate. The company started from a small kiosk at the World Trade Center and is now one of the largest cigar producers in the world

Juan Martinez – Juan Martinez is the president of Joya de Nicaragua. Joya de Nicaragua is the oldest cigar factory in the country. But with a young heart and new refreshing blends, the company remains relevant

Ministry of Cigars Graham 1874 145th event
Juan Martinez and us at Intertabac 2016

Alejandro Turrent – If you say Mexican cigars, you say Turrent. The largest tobacco grower in the North American country, and the largest cigar producer too. With the Casa Turrent cigars, the brand stepped into the big league of real premium cigars.

Tom Lazuka – A former account manager for Davidoff. But now co-owner and founder of Asylum Cigars. Lazuka partnered up with Christian Eiroa for this brand. And not without success.

Tony Gomez – Antonio is the son of La Flor Dominicana founder Litto Gomez. And he’s been working for the company for a few years. First as an account manager, but he worked his way up. And now he’s blending cigars, such as the Chapter One and Two. And he’s becoming the new face of LFD.

Didier Houvenaghel – Didier is a Belgian agricultural engineer. And he uses his background in agriculture to create cigars. For his brands Nicarao, La Ley and La Preferida he partners up with A.J. Fernandez. He also wrote the most comprehensive book about tobacco: The cigar from soil to soul.

The 145th Anniversary

The event will take place on July 13. At Broomhall House. Robert Graham was founded in 1874. Fifteen years later, he expended to four shops. The shops also sold tobacco, newspapers, and books. And the concept was successful. In the following thirty years, the number of shops grew to 22 shops all over Glasgow.

Seventy years later, the family-owned just one shop. That shop specialized in tobacco and Cuban cigars.

When a private investor bought the shop in the early 2000s, whisky made its entry. And a year later Robert Graham 1874 offered its first independent bottling. The concept flourished with a great working website. And expanded to five shops, including a flagship shop in Cambridge. 

In September 2014, cigar and whisky enthusiast Stephen Johnstone purchased Robert Graham 1874. And he updated the look with a brand new logo. He also updated the website, which offers over 5000 SKU. And now offers a Robert Graham 1874 line of cigars too: The Tobacco Lords. 

Tickets for this great event are still available online. 

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